PIR Motion Sensor – HC-SR501


  • Passive Infrared Red Motion Sensor
  • Detect Human Motion!
  • Works at 5v – great for Arduinos and ESPs

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The PIR sensor can be used to detect motion, which can be used in a variety of use cases. Want to turn an LED on when you enter the room? Or sound a buzzer if an intruder steals your chocolate? This sensor can add movement to your next project!

This PIR Motion sensor runs on a voltage range of 5v – 15v making it great for micro controllers like Arduinos, ESPs or Raspberry Pis.

The dual probe design allow better accuracy with an angular shell allowing a greater width of sensor range.

The jumper cable on the sensor allows you to change the sensor modes. By default (with jumper on) the sensor is on Alarm Repeated mode. When using Alarm Repeated mode the sensor output will remain high if motion is detected, even if the delay time has elapsed. However, with Alarm Unrepeatable mode,the sensor will remain high until the delay has elapsed, at this point the output will return to low.


For a great tutorial on how to get it working:

Arduino with PIR Motion Sensor


Note: Price is per individual sensor. Image is for illustrative purposes only


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